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Penny Bailey, Managing Director

Simple Little Library System history

In the late 1990s, Penny Bailey developed her first library automation system, PenLib, because she was frustrated by the user experience of the existing library automation systems she came across. Most were built for large academic and public libraries so Penny developed PenLib for small to medium sized libraries.

Penny at a computer
Screenshot of the library automation software

Launched in 2018, so it’s tried and tested

Launched in 2018, Simple Little Library System is a re-write of PenLib using modern browser based technology. Our library automation system is fully responsive for mobiles, tablets, laptops and computers.
Simple Little Library System retains all the loved features of PenLib and adds new functionality combined with a fresh new intuitive user interface.

Software created by Bailey Solutions

Bailey Solutions, led by Penny Bailey creates innovative and excellent library software products that library and information professionals enjoy using. 

We achieve this by listening to you, our clients and engaging with you. 

We regard our products as your products with Bailey Solutions is the technical enabler. We love helping our clients to achieve their goals using our software.

Screenshot of the library automation software

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