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Utilize library management software to elevate your business.​

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of implementing a cataloguing system in various industries such as libraries, museums, e-commerce, and manufacturing. A cataloguing system is a digital tool that assists businesses in organising and tracking their assets, products, and collections. It can improve information efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility, but it also necessitates careful planning, data management, and user training. The article offers some recommendations and best practices for choosing and implementing a cataloguing system, such as defining clear goals, involving stakeholders, using standardized metadata, and integrating with other systems.

7 Library technology trends

7 technology trends in libraries that are changing the way we work

Library Technology Trends are transforming how librarians work. Librarians can now provide a better user experience and stay ahead of the curve thanks to advancements in cloud-based library solutions, artificial intelligence, and digital resources. This blog post will look at seven Library Technology Trends that are changing the way librarians work and how they are using these innovations to provide a modern library service to their users.

Simple Little Library System

Why You Shouldn’t Use ISBNs As Book’s Barcodes

Suppose that you have been tasked with the responsibility of organizing a brand new library. There are a few stacks of books scattered throughout the location, some empty shelves, and a barcode scanner that is waiting for your trigger finger to become itchy. You are aware that if every book in your library has a barcode, it will be much simpler to locate that book in the catalogue of your library. At this point, you will have realized that the back cover of each book already contains a barcode for the book’s ISBN. Since the ISBN is unique for each title, there is no reason to use anything else.

Single SIgn on Library libraries integrated library system

How Single Sign-On Can Enhance Your Library’s Services: A Librarian’s Guide to Single Sign-On

Single sign-on (SSO) is a beneficial tool for both library patrons and staff. By automating the user access procedure and eliminating the need to remember numerous passwords, SSO can make accessing library applications and library resources more convenient and safe. This article will discuss the benefits of introducing SSO for library customers and library personnel, ranging from increased security to improved management information.