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Collectors Package

Just $17.20 per month

This library software package is ideal for collectors and enthusiasts who want an online catalog.

Our online catalog is ideal for collectors and individuals with private collections who don’t lend or share their resources.

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Brief description

Starts with:

Create an online catalog of any media: books, journals, articles, CDs, tapes, videos, electronic files, web resources and more.

You can easily consult your library catalogue on any device with an internet connection.

This package is only available to individuals. It is not available to dealers, businesses or associations.

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A lot more detail about what's included:

Complimentary try-before-you-buy trial

  • No payment or credit card details needed
  • No obligation
  • Simply register on this website using the form below.

Catalog your collection simply and easily!

Designed by a librarian for easy cataloguing – you don’t need to be a professional librarian!

This package includes:

  • Ready to go catalog form with standard catalogue fields
  • Unlimited additional custom fields
  • Unlimited additional large text fields
  • Unlimited subjects
  • Unlimited links to electronic items
  • Unlimited copies

Intuitive software

AutoCat downloads information from Google Books, COPAC libraries and other sources.

It’s as simple as 1,2,3!

  1. Enter your ISBN and choose your source
  2. AutoCat copies the bibliographic details and front cover image into your catalog
  3. AutoCat adds a copy in your usual location in the catalog

There is nothing to install on your computer or servers- simply use a browser*

All major browsers supported.

No IT required, no worries and no hassle. We promise to keep your data private and secure.

  • Secure data center
  • ISO 27001 information security certificate
  • Monthly penetration tests carried out
  • Mirrored servers
  • Nightly backups off-site
  • No Java or Flash plug-ins
  • Updates and new versions automatically applied
  • Single database per client (not multi-tenanted)
  • Server up-time guaranteed @ 99.7%
  • Meets accessibility standards

*Requires an internet connected computer, laptop or mobile device


This package includes:

  • 2,000 titles

A record is one catalog record or title. The number of copies attached to each title doesn’t count towards the total.

Add more batches of 1,000 records as required. It’s totally flexible!

This package includes:

  • One Admin License for one collector

Add more Admin Licenses when you place your order or later if you find you need more.

It’s totally flexible!

Each Admin License is a user license for a named collector. Each license allows one collector to login. You can purchase more Admin Licenses as and when required for the same collection.

Library administrators can create and edit catalogue records.

Video guide to using our software

Our aim is to produce intuitive software that you’ll enjoy using.

However if you need help, all our packages come with a free help center so you can easily find help topics and short videos that explain how to use the different functions in Simple Little Library System.

Learn as you go in small chunks. No expensive training courses.

Ask for a free trial today!

Why buy from us?

We create innovative software the library managers enjoy using, helping you excel at your job. 

We regard our products as your products.

We actively seek out new functionality and new ways of doing things to improve our products for you.

We're different:

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We guarantee:

We won’t sell you stuff you don’t need – we ask you what you require first.